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All-natural formula from French farms

Nourishing little ones. It’s in our nature.

Specially tailored for little ones 12 months and over, our growing-up milk contains all the natural goodness they need for the next stage of their feeding journey.

The milk from our pasture-raised herds is naturally high in healthy fats. It’s super creamy and rich in calcium to support growing teeth and bones.

Iron is vital for healthy growth, development, and red blood cell function. It helps support your little one’s natural immunity levels, too.

Like other EU-made formulas, ours exceeds US standards when it comes to levels of Omega-3 (DHA) – an essential ingredient for brain and eye health.

Gentle on tummies, our all-natural prebiotics promote better digestion and help little ones absorb the essential nutrients they need to grow.

Clean Label Certified
Clean Label Purity Award
Supports natural immunity
Supports natural immunity
Gentle on tummies
Gentle on tummies
Supports healthy growth
Supports healthy growth
Supports brain development
Supports brain development
Promotes better gut health
Promotes better gut health
French-made formula milk for toddlers

From feeding their curiosity to fueling new adventures, we’re here to help little ones and their families thrive during those first few years, and beyond.

The first French-made formula brand in the US

Our French-made toddler formula uses milk from grass-fed cows in Normandy. Founded on more than 70 years of expertise, it features key developmental ingredients you won’t find in other US formulas. Plus, it has a naturally creamy taste and texture that even the pickiest eaters will love.

Wholesome ingredients mean proper nutrition

No corn syrup, palm oil or fillers – and nothing in there that shouldn’t be.

Just essential nutrients to support growing toddlers in their everyday adventures. 

Made with Made without
Milk fat
Rice syrup
Whey protein concentrate
Palm oil
Natural prebiotics
Corn syrup
Essential vitamins & minerals

What are other parents saying about PediaGrow

A better future for toddler formula

We’re disrupting the industry, setting a new standard for toddler nutrition, and creating a better future for formula. A future free from artificial sweeteners, preservatives and pesticides. A future centered around high-quality ingredients that make a real difference to your little one’s development. A future where parents no longer need to compromise.

Growing toddlers deserve good, honest nutrition

We believe every parent should be able to trust that what they’re feeding their child is safe, nutritious and delicious.

Support and advice, from our family to yours

Right now, you can only purchase PediaGROW toddler formula. However, we’re so excited to announce that we’ll be bringing our infant formula to the US very soon! 

As the only French-made formula in the US, PediaGROW is made with high-quality ingredients. It dissolves easily and has a great taste and smell – making it perfect for even the pickiest of toddlers. All of this makes PediaGROW toddler formula clean, nutritious, and easy to prepare and enjoy.

PediaGROW is made with premium ingredients to help support your toddler’s growth and development. We’ve made sure that the specific nutrients and vitamins needed to help us reach that goal are a top priority. Some of these essential ingredients (including HMOs and nucleotides) can’t be certified organic. So while PediaGROW is one of the purest and cleanest formulas available, not all of our ingredients are organic.

All the milk used to make our formula is sourced from family-owned farms within 30 miles of the state-of-the-art facility of our French manufacturer. Our herds graze freely on open pastures that are naturally rich in nutrients. Because happier cows mean better quality milk!

The milk fat in our recipe reduces the need for a vegetable oil blend, meaning PediaGROW has a closer composition to human breast milk. The taste and texture of a formula made with milk fat also mean it’s naturally creamy.

You’ll find everything you need to know about preparing our toddler formula on the tin. You can also read our preparation instructions here.

Thanks to the natural creaminess of the milk from our French cows and our formula’s fine particles, it dissolves quickly and easily in warm water without clumps.


Our toddler formula has a pleasant and creamy taste that everyone will love.