10% Off & Free Shipping for Subscriptions!

10% Off & Free Shipping for Subscriptions!

10% Off & Free Shipping for Subscriptions!

10% Off & Free Shipping for Subscriptions!

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Frequently asked questions

Toddler nutrition

Some little ones have trouble with weaning or picky eating, and families look for a boost of nutrition to give them that they'll love. Nutritional milk is a great source of the vitamins and minerals they need. Feeding journeys are different for all families, and we're here to support everyone!

As your baby grows older, their nutritional needs will change. Infant formula is tailored to support growing babies in the first year of their life, whereas PediaGROW is designed to supplement a balanced diet from one year on. It’s important to feed your little one the nutrition that’s suitable for their ongoing development.

About PediaGROW

As the only French-made nutritional milk or formula in the US, PediaGROW is made with high-quality ingredients. It dissolves easily and has a great taste and smell – making it perfect for even the fussiest of toddlers. All of this makes PediaGROW clean, nutritious, and easy to prepare and enjoy.

Our nutritional milk provides support for toddlers and young children aged one year and older. There is no upper age limit, as it can continue supplementing the diet of any child. However, it shouldn’t be given to little ones under 12 months. 

Thanks to its versatility, PediaGROW can be mixed with water and served as milk, added to smoothies, or mixed into your favorite recipes. You get to choose how you use PediaGROW!

We gather our milk from grass-fed cows known for producing the highest quality dairy. We also never use ingredients like corn syrup or GMOs, because they're banned in France, unlike the US. We take quality to new heights and proudly offer the best.

Right now, our nutritional milk is for little ones 12 months+. However, we’re so excited to announce that we’ll be bringing our infant formula to the US very soon. 

Cows that are free to spend most of their lives outside in grassy pastures are usually happier and healthier than those who live indoors. Plus, the milk from grass-fed cows is naturally rich in vitamins and minerals.

Thanks to the natural creaminess of the milk from our French cows and our formula’s fine particles, it dissolves quickly and easily in warm water without clumps.

The milkfat in our recipe reduces the need for a vegetable oil blend, meaning it’s naturally creamy. The taste and texture of a formula made with milkfat also mean PediaGROW has a closer composition to human breast milk.


Picky eaters can be.... well, picky. That's why we made sure our nutritional milk has a nice taste that even the fussiest of eaters will love!


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PediaGROW is exclusively available online. However, it will soon be available in stores across the US.