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It’s time for change. Here’s how we’re creating a better future for formula.
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It’s time for change. Here’s how we’re creating a better future for formula.

A recent AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) report found that current toddler formulas lack nutritional benefits and are unnecessary. They’re right. And that’s why we’re here.

PediaGROW is redefining the toddler formula market with a clean, nutritionally impactful recipe that parents can rely on. A formula that has real benefits when it comes to supporting growth and development – and is backed by leading pediatricians across the US.

In this post, we drill down into the main findings of the latest AAP report. Read on to discover more about how we’re turning the industry on its head and doing things the right way. 

“A proper, balanced diet consisting of cow’s milk, regular foods, and fortified foods is the ideal for every toddler and child growing up.”

Yes, the ideal balanced diet of cow’s milk, proteins, vegetable, and fruits would be amazing. However, whether it’s food insecurity, a toddler’s unwillingness to eat those solid foods, or any other reason, it’s not always as simple as “just give them/force them to eat the perfect balanced diet and they’ll be ok”. 

Studies show that a lot of babies and children already aren’t getting the vitamins and minerals they need from their daily diet. And although toddler formulas can never replace a balanced diet, what they can do is ensure kids are getting all the essential nutrients they need in a way that’s fun for them. Sometimes a little support is needed – and clean, high-quality formulas can provide it. 

“Every option on the market is full of poor ingredients and high sugar content, so you’re better off just having cow’s milk.”

Absolutely. So many products are full of corn syrup, palm oil, rice syrups, and other potentially harmful ingredients that can outweigh any benefit they offer. That’s why pediatricians in this report recommend staying away from them. But, now that PediaGROW is here, there is finally a clean and, more importantly, nutritious option that changes everything. Learn more about ingredients we’ve added that can provide incredible support for your growing little one, like essential fatty acids.

“Toddler formulas are inappropriately marketed to infants.”

PediaGROW is only meant for ages 1 year +. It’s not suitable for infants, and we would never recommend otherwise. Fortunately, there’s no upper limit on PediaGROW, so you can feel confident in giving it to your child for as long as you’d like!

“Toddler formulas are cheaply made, have no FDA regulation and vary product to product.” 

PediaGROW is made only with the highest quality ingredients in the safest way possible. From the sourcing of our milk to the strict quality control throughout manufacturing, safety is always our priority.

“Cow’s milk is better than formula.”

While cow’s milk is a great option to include in your little one’s diet, PediaGROW offers even more nutrients and vitamins that aren’t in cow’s milk alone.

“OIYCFs with an appropriate composition and context can provide key nutrients and make an important contribution to support child health. However, the sum total of attributes of OIYCFs, including those that are undesirable in some, as described earlier, make them unnecessary for most; therefore, emphasis should be on consumer education, nutritionally balanced diets, consumption of fortified foods, and food security to ensure dietary adequacy.”

We couldn’t agree more! Parenting is hard and sometimes kids don’t love to eat everything, but you want to give them the proper nutrition they need to grow up big and strong. 

We’re here to add the right nutrition for kids to grow up properly. But we’re also there to support a healthy growing child. Because the truth is a lot of kids aren’t getting the proper nutrition they need and you can always have a little extra support.


Nutrient in PediaGROW Supports
  Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty acids   Brain and Eye development
Linoleic and Alpha-linolenic acid (essential fatty acids)   Healthy growth
 Choline   Memory and learning
  Taurine   Motor function and eye development
L-Carnitine Anti-oxidant
Inositol Insulin regulation
Nucleotides Immunity
GOS Gut health, good bacteria and immunity
Over 2 dozen vitamins and minerals Overall bodily functions