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PediaGROW clean baby formula
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On a mission for clean nutrition. What it means to moms like Brianne...

"Although children go from being called babies to toddlers at the one year mark, they don’t magically change into toddlers overnight.

I remember when I began to transition each of my three children from baby formula to solid foods. Of the three, my middle child transitioned to solid food the most easily. My oldest and youngest were much more of a struggle. I was a nervous wreck throughout the process! One of my children actually began to lose a little weight throughout what I can safely call an ordeal for both of us. And I’ve seen the same thing happen with my nephew. I’m so excited to share PediaGrow toddler formula. If this was around when my children were younger, I could have made things much easier and less stressful on both my children and myself! It’s great for weight gain and a healthy diet for little ones transitioning to solids for the first time.

The Transition

PediaGrow is a formula similar to infant formula but developed specifically for children 12 months and older. This makes the transition into solid foods easier and more healthy for your little ones. A new food option to replace breast milk for children starting first foods is here and the best on the market for early childhood!


This formula is similar to infant formula, however, it’s specifically designed for the changing nutritional needs of toddlers 12 months and older. It addresses every aspect of their growing bodies. From bones and muscle to brain development, giving them the nutrients their changing bodies need to stay healthy. That’s important because some kids just don’t take to solid food right away. Having a nutritional product like this to bridge the gap is so important for their health and our peace of mind. I find that this has positive effects on picky eaters, as they are in the early developmental stages and trying new foods on a regular basis.


The thing about children at this age is that while they can eat solid food, they may not necessarily want to, and that’s due to more than simply a change in routine. At about a year old, toddlers start to develop taste buds that they just didn’t have when they were babies. This is the stage when we start to see the classic reactions. This includes turning away food, pushing it off the highchair, or those contorted faces that always entertain us so much when we see them in videos.


It’s also important to remember that even if the littles are open to trying all kinds of foods, they’re not used to solids. They usually simply try a little bite and then push it away, or they gum it a little but don’t eat it at all. That change in texture and having to actually chew are both entirely new sensations for their little bodies. Therefore, some of them just don’t like it at first.

Bridging the Gap

PediaGrow helps bridge that nutritional gap that can be left if toddlers aren’t eating enough to sustain their ongoing growth and health. In this stage of their development, you can’t just let them get hungry enough to eat. So having PediaGrow on hand to supplement their nutritional needs is a huge benefit. Because formula is familiar to the littles, they’ll drink it readily. We can ensure they get the nutrition they need while they transition to solid foods.


In addition to bridging the nutritional gaps that can form during this transitional period, I also absolutely adore that PediaGrow is the only formula made with the highest quality ingredients to sustain healthy development. The best part is that they have NONE of the fillers that so many other formulas have. Trust me on this, when my kids were babies, I searched to make sure I wasn’t putting artificial or harmful ingredients into their bodies. I just wish this stuff had been around back then!


PediaGrow contains absolutely NO palm oil which is bad for digestion, corn syrup, GMOs or rice syrups. These actually can contain arsenic and other toxins, or antibiotics. This formula is clean with a capital C-L-E-A-N. But wait, as the guy from OxyClean used to say, there’s more. While it has none of the harmful things in it that most formulas do, it has so many healthy ingredients that other formulas don’t tend to have. Their toddler formula features prebiotics for gut health, nucleotides, DHA, and essential fatty acids.


I also love that this formula is made from free-range, grass-fed cows in Normandy, France – some of the highest-quality milk in the world. Thanks to that high-quality milk and their production process the toddler formula from PediaGrow dissolves easily, creating a smooth, creamy formula that’s readily accepted by even the pickiest little eaters.

Easy to Make

PediaGrow is so versatile that while you can simply mix it with water and give it to your toddler in a sippy cup whenever you like, you can also get creative with it. Mix it up and add it to other foods like their cereal, baked goods, or pair it with their favorite snack. You can use it in all sorts of ways as often as you like. That’s because every sip nourishes their little bodies.

I’m so excited to share PediaGrow toddler formula with all of you because it would have been a lifesaver with all three of my kids. If your toddler is transitioning to solid food – even if they’re a champ about eating – get PediaGrow toddler formula to help ensure that they get all the nutrients they need to be as healthy as they can be. You can find them on Instagram here."


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